Area Lighting A Public Interest

Area Lighting A Public Interest

Some say that it started about 1,700 years ago. Publicly sponsored area and street lighting is known to go back as far as 4th Century Antioch.  who knows how much further back it actually goes? Literature of antiquity talks about lighting of palaces and residences so why not streets and public areas as well?

One thing is for certain, area lighting is most often deployed for the sake of security and safety. Cities love it because area lighting prevent crashes and crimes. “Up until around a hundred years ago a crash could be avoided simply by turning your horse aside in time. Now at the speed of motor vehicles, information comes at you much faster. A well at area is easier for the brain to process information in than a dark one.

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Government and public lighting are no strangers. The first public lighting project supposedly took form in Paris, France- the famous candle lantern. 1318 was the year and over the next few hundred years public lighting caught on. More about public area lighting.

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