Why? You or a loved one being held for a while by police in Costa Mesa- no big deal right? You can wait it out and not spend money on a bail bond because they’re in a not too bad place, right? Don’t think like that. It’s not going to stay that way. No, of course not. Do you think they’re running a hotel over there in Costa Mesa? No, they’re going to move arrestees out as soon as possible. Over there in Costa Mesa, it’s just a police facility designed to hold people for a while but they’re going on to Santa Ana. That’s right. The main lockup. Costa Mesa is going to need that jail cell for someone else to be held for a while. Now let’s look at what happens. Your loved one or you get moved into something that really does make Costa Mesa’s holding facility look like resort accommodations.

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Think about it. All those people you read about in the news – gang members, criminals, the ones deemed not safe to remain in society. Dangerous persons. The kind police warn everyone not to confront because they are “armed and dangerous.” Those are the folks in the Santa Ana Jail and now that’s where new arrivals are headed whether they know it or not. Now Santa Ana jail might be a place of friends if you are already a member of one of the notorious gangs is also a place of enemies if you already a member of the notorious gangs. It’s also a place of enemies if you are not a member of any gang. That’s right they are looking for fresh meat just like you or your loved one. You can be sure they are no match made in heaven. But a match they will be.  It’s just a matter of time.

Now what to do? If the Santa Ana Jail is such a horrible place, and it is, then what are you going to do to prevent a scenario that at best is going to be akin to being held captive by terrorists? Don’t worry. At least not at first. As you or a loved one are processing in, There are sheriff’s deputies everywhere keeping order but sooner or later you have to actually stay in the jail what other people. Very nice people– That is if you are with the right gang members and you are a member of the right gang and they don’t feel like doing anything to you. Otherwise your situation night differ. You might find yourself subjected to some level of harassment, intimidation or abuse. Maybe even a real danger to your person is waiting for you there in the Santa Ana Jail. It’s not that they are so horrible, Well maybe they are. And it maybe they don’t want to share their already crowded space with the likes of you just because you got arrested for some crime that they may decide infringes on there right to harm you. We’re not looking for logic here. We are looking at the realities of being detained in jail surrounded by people who mean you harm just on general principle.

Maybe what you really need to do as soon as the doors open of the Costa Mesa jail holding cell is to get on the phone right away and call Costa Mesa bail bonds company. Get in touch with this one. http://www.bailbondincostamesa.com/ Get started right away and don’t let any jail in Orange County become temporary home for anyone you know if you can help it, unless they deserve hey punishment three or four times more severe than you are imagining because the jail system is a horrific place at best for the uninitiated. Don’t worry about initiation too long because if they say there then the gangs will make sure that you or they get initiated. Best advice. Don’t let this happen.